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Noah Kreischer, a 21-year-old Walmart Associate (D-Guilford), won the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania’s 89th Legislative District Tuesday night. Kreischer was unopposed, winning 98.79% of the vote against write-ins. Kreischer’s general election opponent, incumbent State Representative Rob Kauffman (R-Greene), won his Party’s nomination with 98.57% of the vote. Representative Kauffman has yet to publicly comment on either his or Kreischer’s nominations.

The 2024 cycle will give Kauffman his first challenger since 2016. 

Kreischer thanked voters the day after his primary win across social media, citing his slightly higher percentage in his race as reason to remain optimistic for November; “We got more support amongst our Party, percentage-wise, than the Representative did in his. We will only build on these numbers across the coming months of campaigning as we reach out to Republicans, independents and 3rd-party voters. I intend on being bipartisan as both a legislator and a candidate.” Kreischer’s policy agenda includes term limits, a reduction of the general assembly’s salary, the protection of gun rights, a reform of PA’s business tax credit system, green energy that doesn’t disrupt the economy, the abolition of the death penalty, the legalization of marijuana, and opening PA’s primaries beyond the major parties’ participation. 

Kreischer also addressed worries over his lack of government experience. “That’s a fair concern, especially for someone so young. But I think the ideas I offer and how I plan to use the experience I do have help me out. I may not have government work in my background- yet- but working in retail is actually a lot like politics. You have to work with different arms of the store, even people you don’t necessarily like, to get done what’s in the customers’ best interests. You have to be able to compromise, and you have to constantly be on the lookout for tasks to do, just like a Representative has to always be looking for ways to improve their District and State.” 

He elaborated, “Experience is only one piece of the puzzle. If no one ever tried to move up in the world or do anything new, nothing would ever get done and no progress would ever be made. It’s not like writing, co-sponsoring and voting on bills is hard labor.” 

“My experience lies in seeing my hardworking, family-focused co-workers struggle to make ends meet. It lies in watching homeless people all over our District suffer. It lies in my own wallet hurting every time I fill my gas tank or buy groceries. It lies in witnessing partisan politics become more inflamed and more hypocritical, as both sides pick and choose what lives and rights matter, instead of fighting for everyone’s equal support and liberty. It lies in being left all the advantages a young person needs to begin their lives by my amazing Mom, who taught me the importance of seeing all perspectives and not hating people just because of their party affiliation. And I’m doing what I can to break the next generation into Pennsylvania politics.” 

He ends on echoing his campaign slogan: “You’ve boarded the Ark. Now, we’ll cross the sea.”


Patricia M Campbell 1932-2024

Pat graduated from Fannett Township High School in 1950 and received her BA in Education from, known then as, Shippensburg State Teachers College. .

James Patrick McNally III 1947-2024

James was known for his dedication and excellence in his professional career, where he made lasting contributions and built strong relationships with his colleagues.

Brenda Jackson Liu 1945-2024

Upon retirement, Brenda worked as a part-time nurse at the Migrant Health in Gettysburg. During this time she traveled to migrant camps all over Pennsylvania.

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