Chambersburg : 4 Week Old Rory, Needs a Heart Transplant

Heart transplant

Gabby and Jeremy Snider are the parents of four-week-old Rory. Rory was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease, specifically Pulmonary Stenosis, Aortic Stenosis, and Supravalvular Pulmonary Stenosis at just twenty (20) weeks gestational age. They were told that he would most likely require surgical intervention shortly after birth, but nothing urgent, they soon learned that was not the case.

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Rory’s Journey

Rory has undergone over twenty (20) hours of open-heart surgery. Despite the efforts of his trusted surgeons and medical experts, Rory’s heart is still very sick and is relying on a BiVAD machine (a.k.a. Berlin Heart) to keep him alive. Rory needs the ultimate gift, a heart transplant. However, Rory cannot be considered a candidate for transplant until he is off ECMO. So the battle continues as his team of medical experts fights like hell to find a way to give the baby a fighting chance.

On July 11, 2022, Rory was life-flighted from Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Now, being just under three (3) hours away from home, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. The journey toward a heart transplant will be long and difficult.

On July 13 Rory survived his almost 10-hour Berlin Heart surgery. The next few days will be critical, as this surgery and device come with unspeakable risks.

Helping Out

The humble family says; “They are not a good “receiver” of gifts. I much prefer to give, that is what brings me the most joy. So much so, that if it were possible, I would give my own heart to this beautiful boy in a heartbeat (no pun intended).” This journey is not easy, and They cannot do it alone. Your prayers, thoughts, and good intentions mean the absolute world to them and they would like to ask that you continue to keep Rory lifted in prayer. They also mentioned if you find it in your heart, to help financially, There are not adequate words to express how appreciative it would be for them.

They started a GoFundMe on Facebook. Visit: