5 Insights to Help You Find Your Dream Job

With one in four U.S. adults currently job seeking, it’s a competitive market, but experts say that finding your dream job is within reach if you use smart strategies. “A well-executed job search that combines powerful search tools and the right mindset will connect you with companies that value their employees and set them up to thrive,” says Kristin Kelley, chief marketing officer of CareerBuilder. As you get your job search under way, consider these five tips and insights from CareerBuilder:

1. Define your dream job: Research shows that the goals and desires of job seekers vary by industry. However, whether you’re an administrative assistant, a retail worker or a software developer, it’s important to define what matters to you in a job, as doing so will help you narrow your search. This means nailing down details like your salary requirements, while also considering intangible factors, such as whether the work will allow you to make an impact and whether the company’s values and culture align with yours.

2. Build a better resume: A resume is often the first point of connection between you and your next job, yet knowing its importance can make it feel daunting to create. To make a great impression with a minimal amount of effort, check out online tools like CareerBuilder’s “Create Resume” feature. The platform allows you to create multiple variations of your resume that call out specific areas of expertise as they may relate to particular roles. The site has already outlined the most important fields for you to fill in, making it easy to authentically highlight a mix of hard and soft skills that will get you noticed by top employers.

3. Streamline your search: Work smart, not hard. Rather than apply for jobs individually, turn to a job search platform that will make your profile and resume available to thousands of employers. In the case of CareerBuilder, you don’t actually need to register for an account to search through its millions of job listings. Search for jobs using filters like degree requirement, keywords, industry and mileage radius, then apply for positions directly on the site. A salary search function, along with career advice and tips, make it an invaluable one-stop site for job seekers.

4. Prepare for interviews: Preparing answers to common interview questions and even practicing with a spouse or friend beforehand can help you feel competent and confident when the real interview rolls around. For behavioral questions, CareerBuilder recommends using the STAR method, in which you describe the Situation, Task, Action and Result to explain how you would act in specific work situations.

5. Check the terms: A dream job is only a dream job if the terms of employment suit you. Before signing a contract, check such details as compensation, start date, the company’s leave policy, professional development opportunities, perks and benefits, as well as items that could impact you in the future, like non-disclosure agreements. If you plan to negotiate, decide whether you’ll take the job if the employer doesn’t modify the contract. Stay courteous and professional throughout the process.

For more career advice, or to register and search for jobs, visit careerbuilder.com/jobs. Landing a dream job can be a labor intensive process.

However, leaning on new tools and tech to do some of the groundwork for you can help ensure you start your new position with purpose and energy.

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