A restless night for most of us


I spent a restless night, having experienced an evening that America has lived through so many times before over these last number of years. The murder of another black man on our city streets in front of the cameras.

Then a delay in justice, which always seems to precipitate fear and anger, understandable rage and unfortunate violence.
Yes, a restless night, awakening to the arrest of a TV crew doing nothing but their job of reporting. And at the same time, we try to cope with a pandemic which has now taken over 100,000 lives.

The restless streets seem to tell us that lives do NOT matter! Yet we know that lives DO matter, that every person is precious in the sight of God. Those in care facilities, those first-line hospital workers, and yes, those who struggle because they cannot breathe with a knee on their neck – all matter!

Our restless faith cries out when we witness these tough days, wondering why Jesus’ words have become so muffled. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, blessed are the peacemakers.” Blessed are the grief-stricken, and those who mourn. Blessed are those who for centuries have feared and witnessed the lynchings and the strangleholds.

On this restless Pentecost weekend, we invoke God’s Holy Spirit, praying that our eyes may be opened to our inhumanity to one another, praying that we may become colorblind to our neighbors, praying that our hearts might become strangely warmed, praying that our beloved homeland may be healed.

Yes, friends, I spent a restless night. America has spent another restless night. I’m sure you did too.

“Come Holy Spirit, Come. My soul is restless until it rests in you.”


Pastor Bob Macfarlane
Zion Reformed Church Chambersburg, PA