A tribute to the Class of 2020


This tribute to the Class of 2020 comes from Chambersburg’s Cathy Dusman as a salute to an amazing group of young people.

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can Be.” ….Maya Angelou 

Dear Class of 2020,  

Whether you want to or not, you will always remember these unprecedented times. You will remember the frustration, the limits placed upon you, and the global heartache felt in every corner of the world. 

Social distancing, face masks, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and closed businesses will likely be terms you will remember related to this pandemic. You will remember navigating new obstacles and very long lines at Starbucks and Dunkin to try and make sense of COVID-19. 

However, as you weave your way through this maze of uncertainty, you and so many other students are bringing hope and kindness to our community. It is inspiring and reassuring to see you, Class of 2020, bringing hope to others.  

One example of your efforts is the collaborative project created by you and your classmates. You took the road less traveled by immediately thinking of others and how you could help them.  You quickly learned that health care workers and other essential employees were burning the candle at both ends to keep the community safe and healthy. You also realized the need to help local restaurants. 

By creating a Go Fund Me charitable webpage, you are purchasing meals locally and providing them to those on the front lines of this pandemic.  

Class of 2020, you could have thrown in the towel or waved a white flag as you watched the highlights of your senior year slip away from you.

Instead, you had the courage to stand up with your classmates against adversity and do a commendable thing by donating money to provide meals to essential employees in the community.

Thank you for leading this effort to raise over $6,000 for those who need it most. 

“The true price of leadership is the willingness to place the needs of others above your own”

… Simon Sinek.

You should be extremely proud of your determination and fortitude. You thought beyond yourselves to help others in need and for that, you will always been fondly remembered. You are our hope and our future, Class of 2020! 

As you continue on your chosen paths beyond the halls of high school, remember the lessons you have learned. Continue to think outside of the box, have a voice for a better tomorrow and help others whenever you can. Always remember how challenging circumstances can produce some amazing results.

Thank you CASHS CLASS of 2020 for stepping up to help others in our community. 

Cathy Dusman, Chambersburg