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Adoption Update: Cletus the Bull Finds a New Home

In a heartening turn of events, Cletus the bull has been adopted from the Adams County SPCA, just over two weeks after a distressing rescue operation. The bull was one of several animals saved from a severe abuse situation involving a school bus and trailer in Adams County.

The Adams County SPCA, which has been overseeing the care and rehabilitation of the rescued animals, announced the adoption on their Facebook page. They expressed their happiness for Cletus’s new beginning, stating, “He will be living his best life on a farm with other rescued livestock.”

The adoption comes after the rescue of more than two dozen animals from horrifying conditions where some were found being sexually abused. The rescuers removed 30 birds, including chickens, roosters, ducks, and turkeys, along with three German Shepherds, one Australian Shepherd, a bull, and a pony.

While Cletus has found a new home, the aftermath of the rescue saw the unfortunate euthanasia of the German Shepherds and a duck due to severe physical and psychological trauma.

Cletus will join a new family on a farm, providing a hopeful sanctuary for him after his troubling past. He is expected to make new friends and thrive in his new environment, though he will likely miss his pony friend, Blue, who was part of the same rescue operation.

The Adams County SPCA continues to work on finding homes for the remaining animals and is committed to their welfare and recovery.


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