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Letterkenny Army Depot will conduct its annual anti-terrorism Active Shooter exercise; Avenger Shield at Building 41, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 29-30 October 2019.

The exercise is a simulation of a potentially real situation and provides the depot workforce, emergency responders and local and community emergency management services an opportunity to test plans.

Smaller scale exercises will also be conducted throughout the first quarter of fiscal year 2020.

Letterkenny Army Depot is a Department of Defense maintenance facility that sustains equipment readiness for the U.S. military and international partners through the repair and overhaul of air defense, route clearance vehicles, Special Operations, material handling and expeditionary sustainment systems.

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Borough solar project a win for residents

With a planned completion date of Summer 2021, the new solar system will provide enough energy to power approximately 2,450 homes each year.
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