Franklin County: Area Development Corporation Facts


The Franklin County Area Development Corporation (FCADC) was created in 1960 and reconstituted in 1986, and is a 501 (c)(6) non-profit corporation charged with formulating, implementing, and promoting countywide economic development strategies that foster planned growth and family sustainable employment opportunities.

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While our name might imply otherwise, the FCADC is not a part of Franklin County government; rather the Corporation is governed by a 15-member board of directors that represent the entire geography of the County. To that point, when given the opportunity to speak or write about the FCADC, I always remind the audience that we take our name seriously in that we are the FRANKLIN County Area Development Corporation and annually we strive to support an economic development project in each of the County’s six school districts. By doing so, we know that we are availing services across all 773 square miles of the County.

What Services Does the FCADC Provide

First and foremost, we are a repository of relevant socio-economic and demographic information that is intended to ensure the user of the information can make the most informed decision possible as to whether they want to invest in the County. We post the information on our website ( and update it regularly as changes occur.

-Site location assistance is a primary service offered by the FCADC. While we are not a licensed real estate agency, our office maintains an updated list of available industrial and commercial buildings and sites across the county.

-Subordinated Financing: As the Certified Economic Development Organization for Franklin County as designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED), our office markets, packages and administers low interest loans to include those made available through the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA). PIDA is the Commonwealth’s flagship loan program.
Also, we have our own revolving loan fund known as the Franklin County First Fund (FCFF). FCFF loans are available exclusively to Franklin County for-profit small businesses which is defined as a business located in Franklin County that has fewer than 100 employees.

-Stakeholder Facilitation: Over the past 36 years the FCADC has established relationships with virtually all community stakeholders in every community and industry sector. Consequently, depending on the issue, which could include workforce development, education, infrastructure, etc., we have the ability to convene relevant stakeholders to move the issue forward. As an example, earlier this week, we convened a meeting of elected and municipal officials to meet with representatives of PennDOT to discuss transportation priorities for the County.

-Community Leadership: The FCADC is a thought leader on local, regional and statewide economic development issues and as such we serve as a liaison to DCED, the Governor’s Action Team, local, state and federal elected officials.

Three Core Strategies

Since 1986, we have fully developed our array of services so to effectuate three core strategies. The strategies that are targeted exclusively on the growth and diversification of our local economy.

  1. Retention and Expansion of Existing Businesses: Like all successful businesses,
    servicing existing customers so that they remain existing customers is the
    cornerstone of success. The FCADC staff spends the overwhelming majority of its
    time and resources assisting existing Franklin County businesses…of all sizes and
    industry sectors.
  2. Selective Attraction of New Industries: Our attraction efforts are intended to
    diversify and strengthen the local economy. We avail the aforementioned services in support of attracting new businesses to the area.
  3. Start-up of New Businesses: As I mentioned in my article last week, our office spends ample time assisting individuals considering business start-ups. Our staff is well acquainted with resources and programs that lower the costs of initiating and
    operating a successful enterprise.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the FCADC.

Contact Information

If our office can be of assistance to anyone reading this, please do not hesitate to contact us at (717) 263-8282 or visit our website at