Armed Man Arrested after Alleged “Mental Episode” and Barricade


State police in Chambersburg responded to a distress call just after 3 p.m. on Saturday, reporting a man experiencing a “mental episode” and possessing a firearm. Authorities swiftly took action upon receiving the call, which detailed a potentially dangerous situation unfolding at a residence on the 700 block of Clay Hill Road in Antrim Township.

Law enforcement officials identified the individual as 39-year-old Dasyn Keller Daley, who reportedly had both a pistol and a rifle in his possession while barricaded inside the home. Additionally, there were initial reports suggesting that another male inside the residence may have suffered a gunshot wound.

Upon further investigation, however, it was determined that the male in question had not been shot but had been fired upon by Daley. State police promptly issued commands to Daley, who cooperated and was subsequently taken into custody without incident.

Authorities have filed multiple charges against Daley, including aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and recklessly endangering. As a result, Daley is currently being held at Franklin County Jail, awaiting further legal proceedings.

In the course of the investigation, state police obtained a search warrant for Daley’s residence. During the search, evidence was discovered indicating that at least four shots had been discharged within the home. Additionally, law enforcement seized an AR-15 rifle, a 9mm handgun, and ammunition from the premises.


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