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Beating the Heat this Summer with Unique Indoor Date Activities

The past couple of weeks summer has been really showing its true colors with scorching heat records in the mid to upper 90s. Finding a date that is enjoyable for both you and your loved one can be exhausting but also frustrating at times especially when it is extremely hot outside.

Finding potential indoor dates can be beneficial when it comes to the heat advisory days of summer. Museums, shopping centers, or gaming centers are all potential indoor date ideas that can help you and your loved one stay cool and still enjoy the summer season together.


Just recently, my boyfriend and I visited the Hagerstown Aviation Museum, and we got to witness the take-off and landing of a B-29 World War II plane. On a day that was about 90 degrees, walking into a cool, air-conditioned building with historic planes was pretty intriguing.

The aviation museum is only open on certain days, but most of those open house days are on the weekends. The museum offers historic Fairchild planes from the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation back in the 1900s. Individuals are also able to witness and see the famous flying boxcars outside of the hangar. Follow the Hagerstown Aviation Museum’s Facebook for more information on upcoming events for future date ideas.

Other options for fun indoor dates include visiting Gettysburg National Military Park, driving through the battlefield, and visiting some of the museums. Gettysburg has numerous museums to offer including a World War II American Experience museum, the Eisenhower National Historic Site, and Jennie Wade House Museum.

After visiting a unique museum or participating in a tour, cool down and find a local ice cream shop. Make a fun day trip by visiting a local or out of town museum. It never hurts to learn something new, while spending time with someone you love.

The Hagerstown Aviation Museum and Gettysburg National Military Park’s numerous museums are just a few suggestions in potential indoor dates to help you and your partner enjoy each other’s company while staying cool this summer.


As a young adult, with a spirit of curiosity and adventure, I always enjoy visiting new places, exploring little towns and their local businesses, or even visiting a new mall. I recently shopped at Arundel Mills Mall in Howard County, Maryland.

The mall is about an hour and a half away from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Arundel Mills has five large sections of stores such as Crocs, Lego, Under Armor, Nike, a very large Egyptian style movie theater, and a Dave and Busters arcade. For shopping malls like Arundel Mills, a midweek day trip is highly recommended to help avoid traffic jams and crowds.

Antique stores are also always great to visit during the summer months. Locally, Franklin and Washington Counties have numerous antique stores just waiting for visitors to wander through. I recommend visiting Weaver’s Treasures in Hagerstown, Maryland, Pen Mar Antique Market in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, The Wildflower Marketplace in Waynesboro, and 1833 Schiers Market right in Chambersburg.

Regardless, if you are looking for a place to cool down, relax, and beat the heat, shopping or just wandering through an antique store can be enjoyable for you and your partner to do. Of course, staying home and relaxing indoors or heading to the movie theater are always options as well. Again, these are just a few of the opportunities available to the community, when looking for the perfect day together.

Other Activities

Locally, there are other fun activities to do together as a couple. Depending on time, there are many other activities near the Franklin County area to participate in.

Carlisle’s Sports Emporium, which is about 43 minutes away from Chambersburg, offers arcade games, laser tag, indoor or outdoor go karting, mini golf, or the batting cages. Sports Emporium also offers barn events on the weekends which consist of live music every Saturday and country line dancing. Visit their events at the barn page for more information on live bands and music.

Fun Castle Fun Center in Greencastle, Pennsylvania also offers a closer and cheaper option for arcade games, go karting, laser tag, and mini golf. The fun center is off Route 16 heading toward Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and it is about a 20 minute drive from Chambersburg.

Ultimately, finding a new favorite date night activity can help in sparking new ways to get to know one another and start new traditions for the summer together. Dealing with summer heat and humidity is never fun, but finding new indoor date ideas can be while exploring together.


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