Becky Wolfinger Runs for Shippensburg School Board in District B

Press release submitted by Becky Wolfinger

My name is Becky Wolfinger, I am a registered Republican, mom of two children currently in the district, a wife of 25 years, Co-President of the SASHS Band Boosters, and an involved community member. I was engaged with the school board as a parent for 3 years prior to being appointed to the board in July of 2022.  

I believe:

  • Decisions should be student-centered and bring the result of robust programs for all students whether they be academic, athletic, or performing arts.
  • Parents have an important role to play, and their voices should be valued and heard by the school board and interpreted as critical feedback.
  • Our community deserves transparency, commitment from those serving on the school board, and fiscal responsibility while developing plans that get rid of the band aids.  Our plans should offer long term vision, Greyhound pride, and a community working together to accomplish them.

In the last 8 months of serving the district as a school board member, and having a unique perspective as a mom, booster, volunteer, and now as an actively engaged board member I have:

  • Been a part of developing a comprehensive plan that is both long term and fiscally responsible, for the students, district, and community needs.
  • Helped to foster an environment where teachers feel heard and can engage.
  • As Chair of the Outreach Committee, I have begun re-building relationships with key partners in the community such as the Shippensburg Borough, Shippensburg University, SCPRA, Lion’s Club, and the Greyhound Foundation to name a few!
  • I spearheaded finding practical and creative solutions with our community partners to fund the Nancy Grayson playground project through funds outside the district. This project will be completed this summer.
  • I spearheaded the brand-new Executive Director position after being charged by the district to create a partnership with the Greyhound Foundation. This position will allow us to bring in much needed additional funding through the Greyhound Foundation via grants and fundraising opportunities, to address our many facilities and athletics needs, but that align with our comprehensive, long-term plan.

One thing I know for sure is this: the needs are great, our resources are limited, but we are all filled with Greyhound Pride!  We have a district filled with people who love our students and want the very best for them.  From the academics to the athletes, the performing arts to the kids who are still searching for their tribe… EVERY ONE OF THEM MATTER!

I have been doing my best to serve the community in a meaningful way since being appointed and I hope that you will consider voting for me as one of your District B school board of directors on May 16th and in the general election in November.


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