Bill Being Introduced to Allow School Nurses to Provide Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta is working to introduce a bill allowing school nurses to administer medical marijuana to students who need it. The bill would also waive the $50 caregiver fee for school nurses, making it easier for students to receive treatment while on school property.

One of the biggest hurdles facing parents of children who need medical marijuana is finding a way to administer the drug while their child is at school. In most cases, parents are forced to come to school to administer the drug themselves, which can be inconvenient and disruptive to both the child and their classmates.

By allowing school nurses to administer medical marijuana, parents of children who need the drug can rest easy knowing that their child is receiving the treatment they need while still being able to attend school like any other child.

In addition to making life easier for parents, Kenyatta’s bill would also help to ensure that students who need medical marijuana are able to receive it in a safe and controlled environment. School nurses are highly trained medical professionals who are capable of administering drugs safely and effectively, and by allowing them to administer medical marijuana, we can be sure that students are receiving the correct dose and that the drug is being used safely.

It’s worth noting that the bill would only apply to students who have a Patient Authorization Letter and a serious medical condition that allows medical marijuana. It would also require parents to provide written consent for their child to receive the drug.


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