Bill Introduced to Allow Terminally Ill Patients End Their Lives with Assistance

A group of House Democrats is introducing a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with assistance, similar to the Death With Dignity Act in Oregon. The legislation would allow patients facing unbearable suffering in their final days to request a prescription that would end their life humanely and dignifiedly.

The bill has strict eligibility requirements and would only be available to patients who are terminally ill with less than six months to live. The lawmakers sponsoring the bill include Carol Hill-Evans of York, Tarik Khan, Christopher Rabb, and Jose Giral of Philadelphia, Melissa Shusterman of Chester County, and Mark Rozzi of Berks County.

What are Death with Dignity Laws?

Death with Dignity laws, also known as assisted dying or physician-assisted suicide, are a set of laws that allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives with the help of a physician. The laws provide individuals facing unbearable suffering the right to choose to die with dignity and autonomy, rather than prolonging their suffering.

Under these laws, terminally ill patients with a terminal prognosis can request a lethal dose of medication from their physician. The patient must be mentally competent and able to make their own healthcare decisions, as well as make the request voluntarily and without coercion.

The laws require multiple safeguards to protect against abuse and ensure that patients are making informed decisions. Once the patient has met all the requirements, the physician can prescribe a lethal dose of medication, which the patient can self-administer at a time and place of their choosing. This process allows patients to die peacefully and without pain, surrounded by loved ones.


The first Death with Dignity law was passed in Oregon in 1997, and since then, ten other states and the District of Columbia have followed suit. The laws have faced opposition from some religious groups and medical associations, who argue that assisted dying is unethical and violates the Hippocratic Oath.

However, proponents of Death with Dignity laws argue that the laws provide terminally ill patients with autonomy and dignity in the face of unbearable suffering. The laws also give patients the option to die at home, surrounded by their loved ones, rather than in a hospital or hospice.


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