Bomb threat at SASD Middle School

Huntington County

A bomb threat emptied Shippensburg School District’s Middle School this morning as law enforcement and first responders searched the school.


School officials used the SASD website and its Facebook page to announce the bomb threat. Parents were also notified by phone. An evacuation of students and staff took place immediately, according to reports.

One grandparent reported seeing students in the middle school parking lot shortly after it happened. She was at the nearby Weis grocery store at the time, shortly after the evacuation started. She texted her grandchild to find out what was happening.

School officials safely evacuated students and staff when the threat came in, according to the SASD website. Students remained at the high school throughout the day as the investigation continued. Dismissal times did not change; and students were scheduled to be picked up at the high school.

“Parents who are concerned about their child returning home this afternoon without their coat or having access to enter their home, may pick their child up at the Shippensburg High School,” the announcement said. ” Staff will be at the High School until all students have gone home on the bus or with a parent.”


After school activities at the Middle School have been cancelled today.  

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