Op-Ed: Business community needs help

Open letter to community

Our business community needs help to survive the current Coronavirus pandemic. Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce President Stephen Christian has issued a second open letter to Chamber members and the community. He is taking Gov. Tom Wolf and DOH Secretary Rachel Levine to task for closing restaurants and some other businesses without warning last week. He is also asking elected officials in Washington to quickly pass a stimulus bill to help those businesses; and asking residents to contact those officials to let them know how desperately local business needs their help.

Business Community needs
Steve Christian, president, Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce.

Christian’s open letter:

Last week, new mitigation mandates that prohibited indoor dining, limited indoor/outdoor gatherings and introduced capacity limits for businesses were imposed by Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine. These measures are to remain in effect until January 4, 2021.

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We understand the health of our fellow citizens is at risk with the rise in Covid-19 cases; and the straining of local medical resources. However, to make this announcement without forewarning to those who have invested time and resources in preparation to serve their customers safely for the holiday season is unfair to an industry that has been tightly regulated throughout the pandemic.

Furthermore, enacting these restrictions without any stimulus package or additional programs available to help the impacted businesses survive can be crushing to the owners/operators of these facilities.

We agree with the PA Chamber’s statement. We strongly support Congressman Joyce, Senator Casey and Senator Toomey; asking them to unite in a bi-partisan stimulus package that will provide relief to our business community.

Our small businesses, hospitality/tourism industry and non-profits are in dire need of assistance. We hope the war on Covid-19 will end soon; but many of our local businesses may not last to see it through.

Please continue following CDC guidelines to keep your loved ones safe; and thank you for everything you are doing to support our community.