Business Spotlight: Ethical Energy

In recent years, the rise in energy bills has become a major concern for homeowners across the country. However, there is a solution that can help homeowners save money and benefit the environment at the same time – switching to solar energy with Ethical Energy. According to Carlyn, a representative for Ethical Energy, the benefits of switching to solar are numerous.

“Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful,” she said. “When you switch to solar, you’ll see a lower monthly payment, along with financial returns. Your home value will also raise, so it’s like a remodel for your home.” Carlyn emphasized that switching from grid power to producing your own power has many benefits that most people don’t realize. “For starters, you get 30% back in the first year,” she explained. “You also gain the solar renewable energy credit yearly by going solar.

Additionally, the solar panels will protect your roof from snow and rain, and shade it in the summer, giving your roof a longer lifespan.” But the benefits don’t stop there. By switching to solar, homeowners are also doing their part to help the environment. “You’ll be helping the environment and going green,” said Carlyn.

“Based on all the benefits and information, you can say going solar is a worthwhile investment!” Ethical Energy is dedicated to providing the best service and rates to homeowners interested in switching to solar energy.

They offer a free design for homeowners to see how much they can save and produce with solar panels. If you’re interested in going solar and saving money on your energy bills, contact Ethical Energy today at 717-830-0209.


Sandra K “Sandy” Corwell 1947~2023

Sandra K “Sandy” Corwell, 75 of Chambersburg, PA, passed away Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at Wellspan York Hospital surrounded by her loving family. Born April