Business Spotlight: My Car Butler, LLC

Founded in 2018 by Phillip Black, My Car Butler Auto Spa identified a unique niche between conventional paint & body shops and standard auto detailers. Initially establishing itself as a premium auto detailer, the business has evolved into a specialized auto spa focusing on visual automotive reconditioning.

Drawing from Phillip’s rich experience working at his brother’s body shop during his youth, coupled with his educational background in industrial engineering, My Car Butler was born out of a combination of passion for cars and a keen understanding of the industrial process. This expertise enabled Phillip to devise a value-driven approach that distinguishes his business from competitors.

Journey to Success:
In the early days, many might recall My Car Butler’s mobile detailing trailer stationed across various parking lots in Chambersburg. This strategic move was to gain exposure and establish a name in the market. Fast forward to today, My Car Butler boasts a state-of-the-art auto spa and offers unrivaled services with a unique selling point of same-day pick-up and delivery for the greater Chambersburg area.

Services Offered:

  • Interior: Includes comprehensive cleaning from blowout, vacuuming, dirt extraction, hard surface cleaning, and application of a nano ceramic protectant. Special emphasis on odor treatment ensures no masking but a genuine clean feel.
  • Exterior: Begins with an in-depth hand wash, clay decontamination, wheel & tire spa, followed by stone chip & scratch repair. Post drying, machine polishing of paint and glass is done before applying ceramic protection.

Achievements & Recognition:

  • Approximately 3,600 vehicles serviced.
  • Expanding clientele from Carlisle to Hagerstown and Bedford to Gettysburg.
  • Top-rated business accreditation and 5-star ratings on platforms like Facebook.
  • Certified SystemX Ceramic installation professional.

A Word from Phillip:
“We pride ourselves on delivering unmatched value and excellence. Our reputation is paramount, and sometimes this means declining opportunities if they don’t align with our standards. However, the journey of one car per day has allowed us to grow our brand even amidst challenges like the COVID pandemic.”

Know the Man Behind the Business:
Phillip, originally from Fulton County, PA, moved to Chambersburg in 2017. An industrial process engineer by profession, he has worked for renowned names like JLG Industries, McClaren Plastics, RA Jones, Eos Energy Storage, among others. He holds 12 US patents, primarily in utility and chemistry. Apart from his business, Phillip is passionate about art, fitness, and the sciences. He enjoys golf, skiing, surfing, SCUBA, and weight training.

Community Engagement:
Phillip is an ardent supporter of education and job opportunities in the trades. He serves on the board of directors at Pennsylvania College of Technology- Industrial Design curriculum. Also, he’s always up for a golf-related charity event!

Final Note:
“My Car Butler is more than just a business; it’s a reflection of our commitment to quality, value, and unparalleled service. We invite everyone in the Chambersburg area to experience our offerings firsthand. Consultations are always free.” – Phillip J Black.


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