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Do you love theater, but prefer to work behind the scenes? The Capitol Theatre Center might have the perfect role for you.

Offering varied arts experiences to the community, the iconic Chambersburg theater also provides the civic-minded with opportunities to collect tickets, usher patrons to their seats and hand out playbills.

Capitol Theatre Executive Director Jon Meyer with volunteer Joyce Horst (Submitted Photo)

Volunteers also serve on the board of trustees, which plans, executes and assists with events, especially fundraisers. Board members tend bar at events and serve on committees, and some do repairs and help maintain the facility.

Current volunteers range in age from 7 to older than 90, which Executive Director Jon Meyer calls “chronologically gifted.” Some give their time to perform in shows, while others handle theatrical needs backstage.

The positions are not paid, but there are perks, such as free admission to shows at which volunteers work, plus free small drinks and popcorn.

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The Chamber Staff is always available to talk with you about how your business could greatly benefit from membership.

The volunteer pool is small, so the Capitol needs you to plunge in where you feel most comfortable.

To shine a spotlight on all the options available, an informational meeting is being held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4, in the auditorium of the theater, 159 S. Main St.

Ginger Beckner, the volunteer coordinator and a box-office attendant, will discuss volunteer roles, arrival times and dress code, and answer attendees’ questions. Meyer will lead a tour of the facility.

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