Casey Applauds Nomination of Julie Su to Lead Labor Department

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U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has praised the nomination of Deputy Secretary of Labor, Julie Su, to lead the Department of Labor, following President Joe Biden’s nomination of Su to the Senate this week.

Senator Casey has applauded Su’s nomination, stating that “A strong champion for workers, Julie Su is eminently qualified to lead the Department of Labor.” Casey has also highlighted Su’s advocacy for better working conditions, combatting wage theft and discrimination, and empowering workers. As the daughter of a union worker, Su understands the power that unions can have in providing opportunities for working families.

Su has served as the Deputy Secretary of Labor since July 2021, and has spent nearly thirty years fighting for workers’ rights. At the age of 26, Su was the lead attorney in the El Monte Thai Garment Slavery Case, which was the first recognized case of modern-day slavery since the abolition of slavery. Su secured a $4 million settlement from notable manufacturers and retailers for their exploitation and legal status for the undocumented Thai nationals.

As a senior California labor official, Su fought to enforce workplace safety standards, crack down on wage theft, protect trafficked workers, and increase the minimum wage. In her current role as Deputy Secretary of Labor, Su has been a strong advocate for improving workplace conditions, access to job training and employment avenues, and increasing union membership while creating good-paying jobs.


Senator Casey expressed gratitude for Su’s willingness to serve and looks forward to supporting her nomination. Su’s nomination is a testament to her hard work and dedication to workers’ rights, and her leadership at the Department of Labor will undoubtedly bring positive change to the labor force.


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