Profiles: Casey K: Breaking barriers

Casey K is breaking barriers in the sports photography world.

Casey Jo Kauffman, 18, better known as Casey K, is making her mark as a sports photographer at Pennsylvania high schools. She’s doing that while working with Wilson College’s baseball program and running social media and providing sports photos for Mid PennBroadcasting.

“I have been doing sports photography for almost 5 years now,” Casey said. “I have worked hard to be able to be where I am today; and I know I will continue to break stereotypes.”

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Casey credits her grandmother’s influence in her choice of a career. MaryLu Pugh worked for local newspaper Public Opinion in the late 70s through the 80’s. Her mother, Charylee Pugh, a local graphic artist, was a big influence too.

“Ever since I was a young girl I have been around someone with a camera,” Casey said. “Capturing moments on camera for others is exciting, and I wanted to be part of putting smiles on families faces.”

Casey K
Casey K photographing a local football game. (Submitted photo)

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Capturing history

In 2019 when Wilson college launched their baseball program, Casey K was at the center of it all. She was there to capture all the history in the making in their first year. She is still working as the team’s photographer.

Casey will stick with the team as its photographer for the next four years as a Wilson College student, where she will major in sports management.

She hopes to eventually become a professional sports photographer, capturing athletes in action, if not on old-fashioned film then in digital format using the latest cameras and equipment.

“I truly want to work at the next level,” she said. “(My goal) is to be seen and published by larger news companies. And even maybe have my images published in magazines or used on live TV.”

Bright future

The future is bright for Casey K. Even though she is only 18 years old she has already accomplished a handful of things.

A broadcast company contacted her and now she runs their social media and photographs local high school athletes. She works with the Wilson Baseball team photographing the players and has helped give exposure to their growing program.

“Being a female in sports is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do,” Casey said. “That is because there are so many stereotypes that come with this job. Being a female in sports, means that I am breaking those barriers. (I’m) proving to people that just because I’m a female, it does not and will never define my talents behind the camera. I want the younger generation of girls to be able to chase their dreams without being scared to stand beside a dugout or go onto a football field.”

Wilson college baseball pitcher Max Little praises Casey’s work as the team’s photographer.

“Casey is well known and respected around here,” he said. “She always produces great work every time she comes out.”

Casey K, just a small town girl paving her own way into history; and hoping to inspire others and capture smiles along the way,

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