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CHAMBERSBURGNavy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Cadet Spencer Rajtik has accepted appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point, New York. 

Spencer Rajtik has accepted appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy at King's Point, New York
Spencer Rajtik has accepted appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point, New York

Rajtik will begin his undergraduate studies at the academy this fall with plans to earn an engineering degree in pursuit of his ultimate goal of gaining a commission as a United States Navy Officer trained in the operation of nuclear propulsion plants.

Rajtik graduates May 31 with the CASHS Class of 2019.

Louis Montney, Naval Science Instructor at CASHS and United States Marine Corps Master Sergeant (retired), said Rajtik set the standard for his peers in the JROTC program beginning his Freshman year.

He spent his entire high school career as a member of the JROTC program.

 “He epitomizes the concept of ‘leadership by example,’” Montney said. “His accomplishments have been recognized with numerous awards and certificates for superior achievement in the program. Outside the JROTC, his academic and extracurricular accolades speak for themselves.”

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Appointment Includes Full Tuition Scholarship

The United States Merchant Marine Academy is a federal service academy that educates and graduates leaders of exemplary character who are inspired to serve the national security, marine transportation, and economic needs of the United States as licensed Merchant Marine Officers and commissioned officers in the Armed Forces.

Appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy includes a full tuition scholarship as well as room and board and is valued at over $150,000.  All graduates incur a service obligation to the US Military or the US Merchant Marine Fleet.

“Cadet Rajtik carries himself with the utmost of confidence and professionalism,” Montney said. “When interacting with teachers and peers, he is always respectful, positive, and humble. He exudes character traits and leadership principles that military leadership cherishes and will undoubtedly be an asset to the United States Merchant Marine Academy.”

In addition to his involvement in the Navy Junior ROTC Program at CASHS where he served as the Cadet Company Commander his senior year, Rajtik was dual-enrolled at Shippensburg University where he completed undergraduate coursework in both the fall and spring semesters. 

Rajtik is also a varsity athlete competing with both the CASHS Golf Team and the CASHS Volleyball Team.

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