Catalytic Converter Stolen from Vehicle Again

On 07/16/22, Chambersburg Police Department responded to the 1600 block of Orchard Dr for a reported theft of a catalytic converter.

This wasn’t the first time for this vehicle. The 2010 Ford truck had the catalytic converter cut off two months prior.

On 07/15/22 at approximately 5:10 pm, a catalytic converter was stolen from the vehicle in the rear of a business at 1641 Orchard Dr.

The suspect appears to be a white male operating a blue Nissan Sentra. 

The person shown in the photos below may have information relevant to the police investigation. He is a person of interest and not necessarily a suspect at this time. If you believe you have information that can assist the police in identifying or locating this person or vehicle, please contact the Chambersburg Police Department at 717-264-4131 or submit a tip. 

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®