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Shreve will head WellSpan board

The newly appointed board members bring decades of experience in manufacturing, finance, education, transportation, and health care fields and represent a variety of regional communities within the WellSpan system.

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COVID- 19 vaccinations begin

COVID-19 vaccinations begin

COVID-19 vaccinations will begin across Pennsylvania’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities on Dec. 28, the Department of Health confirmed Thursday. That follows on the

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COVID-19 surge

COVID-19 cases hit new peak

Levine said evolving understanding and treatment of the virus means that hospitalizations haven’t yet neared the 3,000 or more patients admitted during the spring.

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DK Guyer: Reduce Period Pain Naturally

While this subject touches millions of lives, education about why periods can be so painful seems nominal. Women experiencing monthly distress want to learn why it happens to them when others are less affected.

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Future nurses get scholarships

Six future nurses received nursing scholarships from Franklin County Commissioners over the last month. Commissioners recognize the demand for skilled nurses in Franklin County. Each

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