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Chambersburg closed its government offices to the public Friday as the county reeled under a state of emergency aimed at trying to halt the spread of the growing Coronavirus pandemic.

For many, it was the grand finale to a day that brought news of the county’s first case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus and saw the governor ordering more businesses to shut down.

“Effective for the balance of the State of Emergency, City Hall and the Utility Department Addition are closed to all members of the public unless a staff member escorts them,” Borough Manager Jeff Stonehill said.

How to Access Government Services

  • Telephone at either 717-264-5151 or the 24/7 Utility Customer Service Center at 717-263-4111
  • Email at either [email protected], or the 24/7 Utility Customer Service Center at [email protected]
  • Access the Customer Service Department through the Drive-Thru Teller Window at City Hall; which will remain open during regular business hours
  • Reach the Police Department: call 911 for all emergencies, or the Police Non-Emergency number at (717) 263-1611 for non-emergencies.
  • Visit the Police Department vestibule on South Second Street and pick up the black emergency access phone, which is available 24/7
  • Contact Borough employees through their personal email addresses or direct-dial phone numbers; available on the borough’s

The 24/7 Utility Customer Service Center will be closed to unescorted public visitors. Contractors and visitors can access the Center by phone and email. Those visiting the 24/7 Utility Customer Service Center can communicate with the on-duty employee through their intercom system.

Please attempt to contact the Borough as much as possible by phone and email. Also, please consider the US mail, online payment options, or drop off utility bill payments at the drive-thru rather than visiting. Inside teller windows are inaccessible.

Anticipate delays at the borough’s single Drive-Thru Teller Window.

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What to Expect Now

Public parks are open for passive recreation, but Stonehill asks the public to be conscious of social distancing and respect the total closure of all “in-park” facilities (tennis courts, picnic pavilions, basketball courts, athletic fields, the Recreation Center, etc.) effective 12:01 a.m. Saturday, March 21. Park Guards will enforce the new rules.

All other Borough buildings are closed entirely to the public (except approved contractors or suppliers).

Finally, please be mindful of Federal, State, and Local lawful directives and adjust your lifestyle. We encourage social distancing and good hygiene to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Expect utility workers to ask a prepared set of simple questions about household health before entering homes to address utility repairs. Stonehill asks the public to cooperate with this new protocol.

Finally, Borough utility workers are directed to take extra precautions to keep themselves safe.

None of the services the Borough provides to the community will be impacted by the changes. Utility workers will continue to respond to customer needs.

“Chambersburg is proud to protect the health and safety of our residents and businesses,” Stonehill said. “When Town Council next gathers they will discuss our temporary actions to address this crisis and whether more actions are available for their adoption. We stand by to support our residents and utility customers during this difficult time.”

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