Chambersburg Police Department Recognized for Excellence


The Chambersburg Police Department announced that it has been recognized for excellence in policy management and training for the third consecutive year by Lexipol, the nation’s leading provider of policy, training and wellness support for first responders and public servants.

The Lexipol Connect program tracks CPD’s performance on five metrics proven to measure success in policy management. The Chambersburg Police Department achieved Gold recognition for consistent and effective policy dissemination to personnel, timely policy updates as laws change, and officer training on policies.

CPD ’s commitment to policy and policy training enhances community safety by ensuring consistent, effective response based on national best practices.

What is Lexipol Connect?

The Lexipol Connect program is a service offered by Lexipol, a company that provides policy and training solutions for public safety organizations. The program is designed to help organizations stay current with state and federal laws and regulations, as well as best practices in the field.

The program provides online access to a comprehensive library of policies, procedures, and training materials that have been developed by experts in the field. These resources are updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in laws and regulations, as well as evolving best practices.

Organizations that subscribe to the Lexipol Connect program also have access to a team of experts who can provide guidance and support on a wide range of topics, including policy development, training, and risk management.

The Lexipol Connect program is primarily intended for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency medical services organizations. It’s often used to help these organizations ensure that their policies and procedures are compliant with the latest laws and regulations, and that their personnel are properly trained to carry out their duties.


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