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Chambersburg Police Release Video on Pedestrian Safety

There have been several pedestrian accidents in Franklin County recently and in most cases, the driver had the right away. Pedestrians need to be alert, cross at crosswalks, and take a roll to prevent injury or fatal accidents.

Tips to Keep you and Loved Ones Safe

Pedestrian safety is an important issue that affects people of all ages and abilities. Pedestrians must take steps to protect themselves while walking, especially in busy areas. Here are some tips to help pedestrians stay safe on the streets:

  1. Use designated crosswalks and obey traffic signals. Cross at intersections, where drivers expect to see pedestrians. Look left and right before crossing the street and make eye contact with drivers if possible.
  2. Wear bright or reflective clothing at night. This will make it easier for drivers to see you in low-light conditions.
  3. Avoid distractions. Put away your phone and other electronic devices while walking. This will help you stay alert and aware of your surroundings.
  4. Walk on the sidewalk when available. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic and as far away from the road as possible.
  5. Watch for turning vehicles. Many accidents happen when a driver turns at an intersection and strikes a pedestrian who is crossing the street.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the cars and other vehicles around you. Look out for bicycles, motorcycles, and other small vehicles that can be harder to see.
  7. Watch for cars backing out of driveways or leaving parked spaces. Many accidents happen when a pedestrian is struck by a car that is backing up.

By following these tips, pedestrians can reduce their risk of accidents and stay safe on the streets. Remember, pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility between walkers, bicyclists, and drivers. We all have a role to play in creating safer streets for everyone.


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Gregg was well known as an avid outdoorsman, a passion he developed as a boy who helped provide food during the Depression.

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Mr. McCleaf served in the South Pacific with the United States Navy during World War II. He owned and operated A. Fred McCleaf Plumbing & Heating most of his life.

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