Franklin County: Changes in funding for area school districts

Franklin County

As most Franklin County area schools go back into session for the 2022-23 school year, here are the increases each of them will see in basic education dollars from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Increases in Funding

Chambersburg Area School District basic education funding is up 13%. That’s $3,064,396 in dollar sense. Fannett-Metal School District is up to 5.5%. It is the lowest percentage increase in all the school districts of Franklin County. In a dollar sense that will look like $136,147. Greencastle-Antrim School Districts is at 11%. What that looks like in cash form is $738,006. Shippensburg Area School District is up to 16% as well as Tuscarora School District is at 16%. For Shippensburg residents $1,649,179 is what that will look like for the tax payers. For Residents of the Tuscarora area $444,380. Waynesboro Area School District will jump to 9%, taking $1,315,762 out of the tax payers pockets.

Pennsylvania Taxpayers

Pennsylvania spends more than $18,000 per student in public school. Pennsylvania spending is significantly higher than the national average. The last available national data is from 2016-17, when Pennsylvania was spending $17,800 per student compared to the national average of $14,000. Governor Wolf and his allies say charters get too much money, so he has proposed significant cuts to charter funding. The average private school tuition in Pennsylvania is $11,570 this year.



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