Pennsylvania : Changes to Medicaid to Impact Nearly One Million

Health Insurance

Nearly one million Pennsylvania Medicaid recipients received a letter from the state last week notifying them of a major change to their health plan. As a result of the state’s new HealthChoices contract, which determines statewide health plan eligibility, 900,000 affected recipients will be required to select a new health plan by August 16th, or risk having the decision made for them. This comes on the heels before the anticipated end of the public health emergency declaration, which will impact Medicaid coverage for millions of Americans. 

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Enrollment Change

“Four of every 10 children in Pennsylvania receive Medicaid – and this enrollment change represents an opportunity for families to ensure their children have the best access to quality healthcare that addresses not only their medical needs, but their families’ ‘whole’ health needs,” said Highmark Wholecare’s spokesperson John Pepper, who attributed Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children. 

Highmark Wholecare

Highmark Wholecare is a community-based, mission-driven health care organization that has served Pennsylvanian’s most vulnerable residents for over 30 years. Last week, they doubled down on their funding of frontline nonprofits, dedicating $500,000 in community grants to food banks and organizations that help socio-economically disadvantaged families receive adequate housing, transportation and mental health access. In addition, HW President and CEO Ellen Duffield has challenged employees to implement community outreach strategies to assist the thousands of members who will lose Medicaid health when the public health emergency declaration ends. 

President and CEO Ellen Duffield

Highmark Wholecare President and CEO Ellen Duffield is available to speak to: 

  • Trends in Medicaid enrollment, which increased by nearly 15% from 2022 to 2021. 
  • What a recipient should do to see if this will affect them, and if so, how they can avoid a change to their health plan
  • How the end to the public health emergency declaration will change or eliminate Medicaid coverage for millions of Americans