Chambersburg: City Hall open to public

Chambersburg City Hall is now fully open to the public. After more than a year of limited access, the building that represents the borough’s “face” is accessible once again.

The Borough still requires face covering, social distancing and a self-administered temperature check (using digital kiosks) for indoor services.

Alternatively, services can also be accessed through the drive-thru window or electronic access such as email or zoom.

Town Council approved the policy changes last month that went into effect Monday.

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  • All visitors and employees must continue to wear a face covering; and stand six feet apart from each other and other staff, as much as practical.
  • The universal face covering policy will remain in effect even after the facility is reopened to access.
  • Each person who enters should take their own body temperature, using self-service temperature kiosks; (there will soon be a few additional kiosks throughout City Hall).
  • If they have any medical issues or high body temperature, a sign will ask them to please leave the building.
  • Door attendants for special events will no longer be stationed in the rear lobby as of this week.

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Alternative access

Alternative ways to interact with the Borough outside of coming into the building include via phone, email, zoom, and through the drive-thru window.

Access inside is not required for those who do not wish to wear a face covering or if they have medical issues.

“We will take the extra step of good customer service through alternative access,” Borough Manager Jeff Stonehill said.

All other rules remain unchanged for the borough staff.

Indoor public spaces can now have up to 75% room capacity as long as all persons are following face covering and social distance rules. Those who choose to not comply, or cannot comply, will be politely asked to leave the building and interact with the Borough in alternative ways, Stonehill said.

They can phone, email, zoom, or go through the drive through window.

“We cannot deny citizens access to their local government, but it does not have to be inside City Hall,” Stonehill said.

The policy change is in keeping with all US CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines.

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