Franklin County 911 Dispatcher Receives Clinical Save Award

Franklin County 911 Dispatcher Receives Clinical Save Award

FRANKLIN COUNTY (Sept. 6, 2019) — Makenzie Cleary, a 911 Dispatcher, received a prestigious award for her actions this summer in helping save a man’s life.

Emergency Services Director John Thierwechter and county commissioners presented the Emergency Health Service Federation Clinical Save Award to Cleary.

“We are thankful for Makenzie’s efforts in this critical situation resulting in a life saved,” said Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller. 

In mid-July, Cleary received a call from a Montgomery Township woman whose husband was having an allergic reaction. She guided the wife through the process of providing CPR until help arrived.

It surprised Cleary to know that she was the intended recipient of the award, but she was even more surprised to learn that the couple she helped was on hand to see her get the award. 

“She’s the real hero here,” Cleary told the Commissioners, referencing caller Amanda Woodring who stayed calm and followed Makenzie’s directions. Amanda’s husband Jeremy was stung multiple times by hornets while mowing the lawn. He became unable to see before losing consciousness.

Amanda called 911, taking directions for CPR from Cleary. “I couldn’t have done it without her,” said Amanda Woodring.

At the time of the call, Cleary was a supervised trainee. She has only been with the Department of Emergency Services for six months, but Thierwechter says her actions were extraordinary.

“She is quite an asset to the department,” he said. We are happy to have her (a the 911 center).”

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