PSU Mont Alto: Colloquy series talks go virtual

olloquy series goes virtual

Penn State Mont Alto will host three virtual Faculty & Staff Colloquy Series talks this fall via Zoom from 12:20 p.m. to 1:10 p.m. The talks will highlight current faculty research and are open to the public and free of charge. 

September 16

“No Belief, No Problem: An Assessment of Factors Associated with Atheist Coping,” Jacob Sawyer, Ph.D., Penn State Mont Alto assistant professor of psychology.

Factors such as religion, spirituality, and belief in God or gods are often included in research related to resilience and coping. Less is known about belief systems and coping in the 18% of the U.S. population that identify as “neither spiritual nor religious;” or the growing population of those who lack belief in God or gods, despite calls for an increased examination of atheism as an important sociocultural variable by researchers.

This presentation will highlight some of Sawyer’s recent research on factors related to atheist coping during bereavement and factors related to substance use in an atheist and religious sample.

October 14

“The Folklore of Cats, Dogs, and Incredible Journeys,” Peter Dendle, Ph.D., Penn State Mont Alto professor of English.

Lost cats or dogs sometimes make their way home over hundreds of miles of unfamiliar terrain, according to a regular headline trope, but the truth is harder to track down.

Dendle will unpack a bit of the history of this recent cultural narrative and show how it tracks with society’s changing attitudes toward household pets. 

November 11

“Tackling Invasive Species across the Landscape Using a Cooperative Model,” Kimberly Bohn, Ph.D., Penn State Mont Alto assistant teaching professor of associate forest technology.

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMA’s) consist of groups of stakeholders from public and private sectors that work together towards a shared objective of managing invasive species across landscapes.

The Pennsylvania Invasive Species Council’s current goal is to establish CISMA’s across the entire state. This presentation will focus on considerations for establishing an effective invasive plant cooperative. Bohn will share her experiences working with CISMA’s in Florida and northern Pennsylvania. 

Community members are invited to attend; please register using this online registration form so that PSUMA can email you the Zoom information for each talk.