Franklin County Commissioners: Commissioners working on 2021 budget

Franklin County Courthouse in Chambersburg, PA

Franklin County Commissioners started working on their 2021 budget last Wednesday, reviewing a $162.9 million document that includes a 10% rise in health benefit costs and $2.4 million in required pension contributions.

In spite of rising costs, commissioners say they don’t want to raise taxes and will begin the job of finding places to cut costs.

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The preliminary budget is the first step in the County’s budget adoption process. It offers a summary of revenue projections and expenses based on department requests, including capital and personnel expansion.

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“The County has not increased taxes for the general fund since 2015,” said Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller. “Our intention is to continue that track record.”

Historically, the preliminary budget is significantly higher than the final budget. The almost $163 million budget includes requests from all county departments. Last year’s preliminary budget was $163.6 million and finalized at $157,971,700 after board guidance. 

“Though each department and officeputsforth thoughtful initial requests, the Board will provide guidance which will help to prioritize objectives,” said

County Administrator Carrie Gray said each department and officeprovides initial budget requests. The Board then provides guidance which to help to prioritize objectives. Commissioners will meet with departments over the next month in an effort to adjust requests

A 2021 proposed budget will be presented on Nov. 25 at the Commissioners’ meeting. It will then be available for public review at the Commissioners’ Office (340 N. Second Street) and on the county’s website at for 20 days.

Commissioners will consider adopting the final budget Dec. 16.

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