Company 7 Responds to Building Fire, Electrical Fire, Gas incident, Motorcycle Accident & Car Fire

Yesterday the crew with Fayetteville Fire Company 7 made five runs for a variety of fires, accidents, and a gas incident. Pictures and information are from Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Department Facebook here.

The run log

07:12 Yesterday Squad 7 responded to Millers Sunoco on LWW in Hamilton Twp for a building fire. Found to be good intent by Station 4.

10:12 Yesterday Squad 7 responded to the Unit Block of S Main Street in Chambersburg for an electrical fire. The squad staged for a short time.

17:26 Engine 7-1 responded to Falling Spring Road box 17-7 for an odor of gas inside a house. Engine 7-1 metered the residence finding no readings and was placed in service by Command 17.

17:45 Squad 7 and Engine 7-2 responded to Interatate 81 at Exit 16 for a motorcycle accident. The Squad assisted with patient packaging and the Engine was diverted to another run.

17:47 Engine 7-1 and Engine 7-2 responded to Interstate 81 at Exit 17 for a car fire. Engine 7-1 arrived finding a passenger car fully engulfed. Crews made quick work of the fire.