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Six Franklin County legislators and a county commissioner are leading a rebellion against Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision to keep the county in the red zone for awhile longer.

Rep. Rob Kauffman, R-86, Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-33, Sen. Judy Ward, R-30, Rep. John Hershey, R-82, Rep. Jesse Topper, R-79, Rep. Paul Schemel, R-90 and Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery sent a joint letter to Wolf Saturday saying they will move the county to the yellow zone next Friday.

Read the letter here.

Franklin County has met the requirement of Wolf’s original ”Stay-at-Home” order, and should get to move to “yellow” status, they say.

The reasoning is that the closure of all but “essential” businesses and ordering the public to basically stay at home would limit exposure to the Coronavirus. That would “flatten the curve,” fewer people would get sick, take up hospital beds or need ventalitors.

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Flannery and legislators say that has been achieved in Franklin County. Now the county is ready to move to yellow status, they claim.

Officials: County ready to move

“The residents of our county have heeded your instructions to practice social distancing and other mitigation efforts,” they say. “As a result, our local healthcare facilities do not lack the capacity to effectively treat these patients going forward.”

They also point out that both the supply of personal protective equipment and availability of COVID-19 tests have increased since mid-March.

“(We) stand with any business in Franklin County that chooses to reopen,” they tell Wolf in the letter.

What’s more, they say, they will decide when to move the county from the state’s yellow phase to green, “when certain thresholds are achieved.”

Officials in two other Pennsylvania counties, Skullykill and Dauphin, also announced similar steps.

Skullykill’s county commissioners and legislators sent Wolf a similar letter Friday. Dauphin Country Commissioners announced a similar action this week.

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  1. I do not think we should move to the yellow stage. We are still having new cases. People are not following social distancing and wearing masks in stores now. Can only imagine how people will rebel even more and not follow these suggestions.

  2. I hopehis smacks the republicans hard in the face. They are attempting to make dems look bad in handling this crisis If trump didn’t start the chaos about liberating 3 states.this defiance wouldn’t have happened. Republicans are trying to save their asses and don’t care about lives they are putting at risk . sad how trump turned the 2 parties against each other instead if getting them to work together in the crisis. Guess that’s what dictators do to gain total control