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Franklin County Commissioners voted Wednesday to extend its property tax deadlines. Now county taxpayers will have an extra four months to pay their county and library taxes and still get a discount for their tax payments.

This week, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a bill allowing local governments to provide greater flexibility on property tax deadlines. The idea, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, is to give local property owners time to catch up financially. 

In a 2-1 vote Wednesday, Commissioners extended the payment discount period as well as the face value payment period for those taxes. The action does not affect payment deadlines for municipality taxes.

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“We need to do whatever we can to help our residents,” said Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller.

Commissioner John Flannery agreed, saying local taxpayers need the helping hand right now.

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Commissioners Dave Keller and John Flannery favored the action while Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski opposed the resolution as presented.

Ziobrowski supported offering additional time for individuals and businesses to adjust financially to the pandemic, but not the discount periods. He believes the possible confusion resulting from extending the discount period may outweigh the 2% discount benefit. 

“I think extra time to pay taxes is very important to taxpayers,” he said. “However, extra time for a 2% discount has little impact on their fiscal situation and could be problematic for municipalities and tax collection.”

The County’s resolution only pertains to county property and library taxes, not borough and township property tax payment deadlines.

The approved resolution extends the discount period through to August 31st. The face value period is from September 1st to October 31st. The 10% penalty period will be November 1st to December 31st.

County taxes are paid at the tax office at 401 Lincoln Way East in Chambersburg.

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