County’s birthing services to consolidate

WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital

WellSpan Health today announced plans to consolidate its birthing services in Franklin County. Waynesboro Hospital’s labor, delivery and inpatient pediatric services will relocate to Chambersburg Hospital this fall.

The decision will be effective Sept. 18. Both the WellSpan Summit and WellSpan Health boards of directors approved the move.

The transition gives all county mothers and newborns enhanced access to specialized care, including CH’s Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

County’s birthing services
Santa paid a special visit to Chambersburg Hospital just before Christmas 2019 for a photo shoot with the tiny NICU patients there.

“Our focus is on meeting the needs of delivering mothers and newborns in Franklin County.  We’re carefully planning the transition to ensure it will be smooth for our patients and honor their birth plans,” said Dr. Angelique Ridore, WellSpan OB/GYN.

Expectant mothers will continue to receive care from many of the same providers they now use in WellSpan‘s OB/GYN practice locations. 

WellSpan Senior Vice President Sherri Stahl noted that patient trends indicate more newborns need specialized care across the county. Consolidating birthing services in one location makes sense, she said.

Comprehensive specialty care is available at Chambersburg Hospital, which is home to the county’s only NICU. That reduces the stress of separating a mother from her newborn child, if speciality care is needed. It also eliminates the need to transport a baby to another hospital when minutes and seconds count.

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Providing needed care

“This decision is consistent with our philosophy of providing patients with the right care at the right time and in the right place,” Stahl said.

The NICU at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital opened in 2016. It has technology and specialized providers to treat babies born at 32 weeks gestation or those with unexpected medical complications. 

WellSpan will work with Waynesboro Hospital‘s 23 birthing unit members to identify other employment opportunities within the health system, including at Chambersburg Hospital. 

“We certainly recognize the talent and skills of that team,” Stahl said.

Pediatric services will continue to be offered at Wayesboro Hospital. Those services include testing, imaging, outpatient surgery and emergency services. 

Expectant mothers with questions can call 1-800-713-7720 or their provider’s office.   

Information about birthing services at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital is available here.