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Franklin County’s COVID-19 death toll rose to 10 today, four of which were local nursing home residents. Five Cumberland County residents also died in Franklin County in the past week but their deaths are counted there.

The state Department of Health‘s daily report lists 41 residents in five Franklin County nursing homes infected with the Coronavirus. Five nursing home employees have also tested positive to the virus, according to DOH charts.

The state doesn’t list recoveries among COVID-19 positive cases, however, so it is impossible to know how many active cases are in facilities, or even in the county, at any given time.

WellSpan Health also tracks confirmed cases on its website, by both county and hospitals in its network.

Reconciling COVID-19 stats

DOH lists a total of 377 positive (confirmed by tests) COVID-19 cases for Franklin County today, up from 284 cases as of last Thursday. That represents 93 new cases recorded in the last four days. DOH does not track recovered cases. Plus there is always a lag between the time a test is done, the time it takes for results (positive or negative) to be confirmed and then reported to DOH. Those factors makes it impossible to tell how many active cases exist in the county at any given time.

WellSpan says it has done 2,861 COVID-19 tests in Franklin County since it began testing March 10. Of those, final results on 2,214 are in, showing 261 (6.5%) positives. The difference between WellSpan’s numbers and DOH’s could be coming from private labs, but that is impossible to know.

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WellSpan reports it has 18 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 10 presumed cases at Chambersburg Hospital today. Waynesboro Hospital was treating one confirmed case today.

To confuse the situation further, DOH reports 8 deaths in Franklin County, Conner reports 10 and WellSpan reports 13 deaths at Chambersburg Hospital. Conner has also recorded five Cumberland County residents deaths here due to the virus, and four nursing home deaths. That could account for the discrepancies between his report and WellSpan’s figures. Especially taking the nursing home deaths into account.

The difficulty in reconciling the varied statistics has led to Franklin County Free Press’ decision to limit its COVID-19 reports to once or twice a week, based primarily on Connor’s and WellSpan’s reports.

Instead, we will focus on the various ways the fallout from the pandemic is affecting the local community.

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