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Franklin County’s COVID-19 death toll rose to six when another area resident died of complications from the virus last night.

Coroner Jeff Conner is keeping an accurate record of Coronavirus related deaths in Franklin County. His count tallies with figures reported by WellSpan Health in its COVID-19 Information Dashboard on its website.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported 1,214 new positive cases across the state as of 12 a.m. That brings the official statewide total to 43,264. Deaths among Pennsylvanians testing positive to the virus now stand at 1,716, according to DOH Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine.

Levine has in the past called the state’s figure “a snapshot” of the virus’ stranglehold on the state. She admits the figures are not “real time” because of reporting lags.

For instance, DOH lists four deaths for Franklin County today while Conner has a “real time” count of six. By the time Conner’s death reports get counted by DOH, there could be more in the record-keeping pipeline.

At one point the state was adding “presumed” deaths to the count. DOH quit doing that after the practice was brought to light.

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Where to find the best local COVID-19 data

WellSpan’s information dashboard provides a more accurate “snapshot” of the local situation on the Coronavirus front than DOH’s daily report. The health provider does not count recovered cases in its daily totals as DOH does. The numbers are also broken down by patients being treated at local hospitals.

But WellSpan’s numbers does not count local residents who have tested positive but are not sick enough to be hospitalized either. It does reflect the most serious cases, however.

A total of 26 patients were treated at Chambersburg Hospital for COVID-19 Tuesday; 17 tested positive and nine were suspected to have the viral disease.

The hospital had 25 cases Monday; 18 had tested positive and seven were suspected to have the virus.

Waynesboro hospital had four suspected cases yesterday, but just three today.

DOH reports that as of 12 a.m. Franklin County has had 237 positive cases of COVID-19. Those are cumulative cases since DOH started counting in early March. The department doesn’t track recoveries.

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