COVID 19 Epidemic brings challenges to DMTF’s grief support services

The COVID-19 epidemic has brought challenges to many local non-profits, including Shippensburg’s Drew Michael Taylor Foundation.

The foundation’s newest challenge is figuring out how to support grievers during the coronavirus outbreak.

“With schools shut down and groups were not able to meet, we’ve had to get quite creative to meet the needs of our grievers,” Marcie Taylor, the foundation’s Vice President.

The foundation has sent grief activity books to the grieving children and teens in its Drew’s Hope program. DMTF subscribed to the Zoom platform to bring adult grievers together online during regularly scheduled support group times.

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The DMTF staff continues to work out new ways to support grievers in their homes instead of traditional face-to-face meetings.

Marcie Taylor has delivered groceries to some Drew’s Hope families in need.

All of this takes funding from loyal donors supporting the foundation’s mission of providing support to grieving children and families.

Today is the last day for donors to have donations matched during the Partnership for Better HealthMatch Madness campaign.

Donations earmarked for the Drew Michael Taylor Foundation will be used for the foundation’s Blue Butterfly Ball, held each November on the Saturday before Children’s Grief Awareness Day.

The ball is an alternative to traditional Daddy/Daughter dances, which can be huge grief triggers for grieving families, like those served through the DMTF’s grief education and support programs.

”We want all families to be able to attend the Ball, regardless of their ability to pay,” Taylor said. ”Through Match Madness, we hope to cover all other costs associated with the Blue Butterfly Ball.”

Donors can contribute here. After today, make donations at the Drew Michael Taylor Foundation webpage. Click the donate button on the home page.

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