COVID-19 numbers decline


COVID-19 numbers are on the decline, according to the Department of Health’s latest figures.

Across the state 707 new positive cases were reported Wednesday, bringing the statewide total to 58,698. The state also reported 137 new deaths Wednesday. Those deaths happened over the past several weeks, according to the daily news release put out by DOH.

DOH reports a total 20 more cases in Franklin County in the past week, bringing the total to 545 cases, with 13 deaths. It is impossible to verify the accuracy of those numbers. The Wolf administration admits the numbers “are just a snapshot,” especially given reporting lags.

COVID-19 numbers
Franklin County Coroner Jeff Conner
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More up-to-date, accurate local numbers come from Franklin County Coroner Jeff Conner and WellSpan Health.

As of Wednesday afternoon Conner reported 16 COVID-19 deaths. Nine were nursing home residents. Conner reported six deaths of Cumberland County residents. Those deaths will go on Cumberland County’s death tally.

WellSpan Health also provides daily totals of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths at Franklin County’s two hospitals.

WellSpan’s COVID-19 numbers

Of 3,578 tests completed by WellSpan since testing began in early March, 3,463 were finalized and results for 115 are currently pending.

Of those, 392 (11.3%) tested positive. While that is much lower than DOH’s 545 positive cases listed for Franklin County, WellSpan does not do all the tests in the county. It is the largest health organization in the county, however.

Keystone Health also does testing, and doctors can send patients to private labs for tests.

WellSpan reported a total of 35 cases at Chambersburg Hospital Wednesday. Of those 19 had tested positive. The rest had COVID-19 symptoms but test results had not come back yet.

There was only two COVID-19 case at Waynesboro Hospital.

There have been a total of 21 deaths of confirmed positive COVID-19 patientsat Chambersburg Hospital, but six were Cumberland County residents, apparently sent here from a nursing home or long-term care facility.

While over half the Coronavirus-related deaths in Franklin County were nursing home residents, most of Cumberland County’s deaths were from nursing homes.

DOH reports that all but one of Cumberland County’s reported 35 COVID-19 deaths were nursing home residents.

About 70% of deaths attributed to COVID-19 statewide have been among nursing home residents. DOH announced Wednesday that it will send teams to nursing homes and long-term care facilities, plus additional testing and protective equipment to try to stem the infection rates.

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