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CHAMBERSBURG — Town Council will conduct a Public Hearing Dec. 9 to review and discuss a Curb and Sidewalk Installation Plan/Map, and consider approving it by Ordinance.

The committee, under orders from the town council to come up with revisions to the current plan, has been working on changes for more than a year. The current plan calls for the installation of curbs and sidewalks in all developed areas of the borough.

Property owners receive curb and sidewalk installation notifications either when a building permit is issued for new construction, or when major road reconstruction is scheduled.

Over the years residents have complained, for various reasons, objecting to a blanket policy requiring curbs and sidewalks on all developed properties. Meetings sometimes get heated as residents argue their cause.

The new Curb and Sidewalk Installation Plan/Map identifies where curb and sidewalk networks are necessary borough-wide. While it makes suggestions, the council determines whether existing policies should be changed.

The program includes a series of maps depicting every property in the Borough where curbs and sidewalks are currently located. Those maps outline where they may or may not be required in the future.

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The Curb and Sidewalk Policy Compliance Committee reviewed and discussed policy and changes at public meetings during the past year. On Oct. 17 members voted to recommend the new plan, along with a map, to Town Council.

Council meets at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers on the first floor of the Utility Department addition to Borough Hall, 100 South Second Street. The public hearing is normally one of the first items on the agenda.

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