American Bankers Association Recognizes Cybersecurity Expert

American Bankers Association Recognizes Cybersecurity Expert

The American Bankers Association (ABA) recently recognized contributions by First United Bank & Trust’s Information Security & Disaster Recovery Officer Joyce Flinn.

Joyce Flinn

Flinn’s contributions assisted the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council, Bank Policy Institute, and ABA in developing the FSSCC Cybersecurity Profile.

She spoke at the FS-ISAC 2019 Americas Fall Summit. The annual event provides the financial industry with information to address evolving threats, develop new strategies and meet changing regulations. Flinn will serve as co-chair of the 2020 ABA Cyber and Information Security Working Group. She is a long-time member of this working group as well as an industry advocate for improving information security.

“Even as a community bank, we are still subject to the many security risks and dangers that the big banks face,” commented Carissa A. Rodeheaver, President, CEO, and Chairman, First United Bank & Trust.

She said having a strong and influential member on the bank’s team, helping to shape the industry and protect customers, is an ”incredible” asset.

Promoting Cybersecurity

The Financial Services Coordinating Council Cybersecurity Profile provides a Way of efficiently meeting cybersecurity assessment requirements of regulatory agencies. Based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology and International Organization for Standardization works, the profile helps optimize time and improve Boardroom and Executive reporting. It also provides for efficient third-party management. The profile allows for greater cross-sector collaboration and understanding.

“As an outspoken expert in community banking, Joyce’s input and candor led to the effort to craft a banking approach to cybersecurity applicable to banks of all sizes,” said Rob Nichols, president and CEO of the American Bankers Association. “The strength of her leadership and persuasive power of her counsel lies in her passion for community banking.”

First United Corporation operates one full-service commercial bank, First United Bank & Trust. The bank has a network of community offices in Maryland, including three different Hagerstown locations. They also have offices in several West Virginia locations.

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