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Dauphin County Mall To Sheriff’s Sale, What Fate Could be In Store for Chambersburg Mall?

The Colonial Park Mall is in financial trouble and is headed to a sheriff’s sale, as reported by Lower Paxton Township Authority solicitor Steven Stine. The mall owes more than $256,000 in sewer and stormwater costs, and related fees. Stine stated that he has filed the default judgment and that he will file a notice of sale before the deadline for the next county sheriff’s sale.

The mall’s debt will continue to increase, and the minimum bid at the sale will include the amount owed plus attorney and related fees. The mall will have to pay the full amount owed before the sale to prevent it from being auctioned off. The Dauphin County sheriff’s office will post a sign on the building, notifying the public that it is headed to sale, and it could head to sale as early as July 20.

The Colonial Park Mall, owned by the Kohan Retail Investment Group, has 37 vacancies, and 39 tenants, according to the mall’s website. The mall remains open, but officials have been calling for change due to its financial struggles and vacant storefronts. The Boscov’s and former Sears buildings are not owned by Kohan Retail.

Last year, the mall nearly had its water shut off due to unpaid bills, and the owner paid a $137,000 bill in full in February 2022, according to a township email obtained through a Right-to-Know request. In addition to sewer and stormwater costs, the mall also owes $564,192.62 in unpaid taxes for municipal, school, county library, and county real estate taxes, as well as administrative fees accumulated in 2021 and 2022, according to county records.

Chambersburg Mall Woes

The Chambersburg Mall has been facing financial struggles for quite some time. The mall, which was once a bustling shopping center, has seen a significant decline in foot traffic, stores and building conditions over the past few years.

The mall’s financial struggles are mainly attributed to the rise of online shopping and a shift from major retailers to either close or relocate on Norland Ave. Many consumers now prefer to shop online, which has resulted in a general decline in brick-and-mortar retail stores.

The Chambersburg Mall’s occupancy rate has also been declining, with significantly more vacant space then occupied spots. This has led to a decrease in rent revenue for the mall, which obviously increases financial burdens.

In 2021, The Chambersburg Mall made a YouTube channel that explores struggling shopping centers

Despite the mall’s financial struggles, its management team remains committed to keeping the mall open and finding ways to turn its fortunes around. In recent years, the mall has undergone several renovations to attract new tenants and improve the shopping experience for its customers.

However, the mall still faces significant financial challenges, and it remains to be seen whether it will be able to recover from its financial struggles.


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