Day Trip Destination: Land of Little Horses

There is a very special land where pigs race, miniature horses put on shows, and goats become your best friend as long as you have a treat. Truly, a great experience with fun for the whole family is available at the Land of Little Horses.

In Adam’s County near Gettysburg, the Land of Little Horses is a wonderful day trip destination. We decided to take our two boys there for the day and see what it was all about. I expected to see some animals and enjoy time with the family, but the day turned out to be much more than that.

When I write this column, I always try to find affordable day trips that are really worthwhile. For my family of four, our admission with a bunch of extra add-ons was a little under $100. Excluding gas, I would estimate the trip cost us about $130 with food and we got to enjoy everything they had to offer.

The shows

Immediately after entering the park, we were greeted by several miniature horses. We had a few minutes before the first show, which allowed time for the boys to pet the horses, goats, and calves in the main barn. “The Mane Event” was a thirty-minute program in the arena, that featured some awesome performances by the miniature horses and their trainer. We saw dogs take turns riding the horses in the “dog and pony” part of the show. Each horse was presented with a name and personality of its own.

These little horses are celebrities with many having appeared on America’s Got Talent, Animal Planet’s PET STAR, Nickelodeon Studios, and Ringling Bros. Circus.

We returned to the arena after our lunch for another show called “The Great Mini Horse Encounter.” The boys absolutely loved it and were so impressed by this one horse who could count!


With the tickets we purchased, there were a lot of extra experiences we got to do. Carter and Grayson took turns in the mining area, panning for precious stones. We got a lot of nice gemstones that we brought home.

We also enjoyed a 20-minute wagon ride around the farm and a pony ride. Actually, we bought an extra Pony ride for the boys as well. They really enjoyed it and it was worth every dollar. The first ride they did was on full-size horses and the second one they did was a live carousel.

The experience

The boys had a great time. We spent about four hours in the park and enjoyed every minute of it. With our tickets, we got feed cups and we ran around to different animals to see who wanted to come over and eat our treats and get some special attention.

For readers in Franklin County, this is a very close destination that promises a wonderful time that will warm your heart. They are going on their 51st year of operation.

Brief History

In 1970, two Merchant Marines, Tony Garulo and Stu Erickson, who were traveling the world together, met the Falabella Family in Argentina, who had learned to breed standard horses into miniature horses. Tony and Stu fell in love with the miniature horses and imported 25 of them to Gettysburg.

In 1971 they opened the Gettysburg Miniature Horse Farm on our current site which encompasses 100 beautiful acres in the rolling hills of Gettysburg. The park also became the original United States Registry for Falabella miniature horses.