Deed Transfers for Nov 25, 2018 to Dec 1, 2018

deed transfers

The following deed transfers are public record in the Franklin County Register and Recorder’s office.  All deed transfers, except conveyances between family members for a nominal amount, are published as a public service.

Antrim Township

Tracts 1-10 – $340,000.00: Divinity Investments LLC to Greenworth Land LLC.

Lot 1, Section C, East Avenue – $43,000.00: Diane L. and Gale C. Kayser to Ronald E. and Lorraine C. Burcker.

Lot 9, West Weaver Road – $162,112.20: Mark A. Thorne to Kirk R. and Amanda D. Finnegan. 

Chambersburg Borough

Lot 23, Clinton Avenue – $135,000.00: Sandy M. Lundy to Donna J. Parker.

Lot A, Ramsey Avenue – $137,000.00: Mark Corrao to Crystal L. Lantz.

Stouffer Avenue – $140,000.00: Kyle L. Smith and Arys K. O’Brien to Ellen E. Poe and Angela Hollar.

Lot 9, Section 4, Middle Street – $155,000.00: Eric K. and Jenna Robbins to Pamela Comfort.

North Sixth Street – $177,500.00: David D. and Catherine Dorsey to Joel J. and Danielle M. Black.

Philadelphia Avenue – $60,000.00: G and T Enterprises LLC to TCW Holdings LLC.

Lot 1, Section B, West King Street – $174,900.00: Shirley L. Pugh to Jose A. Medrano, Sr. and Nely D. Machado.

Lot 24, Park View Drive – $185,000.00: Nancy L. Knepper to Shirley L. Pugh.

Lot 53, Stouffer Avenue – $172,000.00: Celia M. Fox to Virginia B. Parker. 

Fannett Township

Tracts 1-2 – $100,000.00: Marcus L. and Stacie I. Ocker to Ricky L. Stitt. 

Greencastle Borough

Lot 33, Chadwick Estates – $60,000.00: Robert E. Eberly to Wayne E. and Sharon G. Baumbaugh. 

Greene Township

Lot 5B – $235,000.00: Nicklas LLC to Sunset Pike Investments, Inc.

Lot 8, Section B, Shadle Drive – $154,900.00: Lillian P. Fisher Estate to Kyle L. Smith and Arys O’Brien.

Tracts 1-2, East Main Street – $135,000.00: Anthony C. and Mary I. Wilson to Stephen W. and Kelly N. Jones.

Tracts 1-2, Scotland Road – $235,000.00: Daryl V. and Diane A. Mackey to Brandon Kohler.

Parcel A – $186,900.00: Sandra J. Myers to Matthew T. Defibaugh and Mandi C. Bittinger.

Newman Road – $70,000.00: Mark A. McClure Estate to Ernest J. and Audra L. Lucas.

Lot 9, Gabrielle Lane – $23,000.00: Greenworth Land LLC to Mark A. Reiff.

Tracts 1-2 – $230,334.32: New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company, Inc., Valley Quarries, Inc., and Hilary Realty Company to Gideon and Emma M. Zook.

Tracts 1-4, Village Green – $92,000.00: Greenworth Land LLC to Mark A. Reiff. 

Guilford Township

Lots 1-2, Loop Road – $400,000.00: D and C Dairy Farm and Donald N. and Charles R. Horst to Chad A. and Elana D. Frey.

Lot 67, Joyce Drive – $159,900.00: Harold D. Hoffman to Charles E. Strock.

Lot 13, Section G, Greenbriar Terrace – $220,000.00: Robert T. and Susan R. Hudspeth to Darian K. and Karla M. Falcone.

Colorado Street – $0.00: Marion First United Methodist Church, Inc. to Marion First United Methodist Church, Inc.

Lot 14, Section Q, Shadyside Drive – $85,222.00: Secretary of Housing and Urban to Giovanna C. Carannante and John Xereas.

Lot SP-16D, Aronimink Circle – $252,000.00: Jerry D. and Elizabeth J. Neessen to Steve A. Eberly and Linda C. Merrill.

Fredericks Mill Road – $167,000.00: Charles E. Strock to Jeffery G. and Kate R. Hege.

Lot 31, Lincoln Drive – $0.00: Robert E. and Jennifer M. Ransom and Sheriff of Franklin County to Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, and Centex Home Equity Loan Trust 2005B. 

Lot SA 39, Old Course Road – $96,000.00: White Rock, Inc. to Karen C. Kugler and Molly A. Moran.

Hamilton Township

Fort McCord Road – $190,000.00: Atlee J. and Lottie A. Lehman to Dillon R. Shatzer.

Lot 43, Hunters Chase – $264,000.00: Kelly L. Hess and Jade A. Flory to Jerry L. Houpt.

Holly Lane – $0.00: Amie L. McQuait, Michael E. Atherton, and Sheriff of Franklin County to Wells Fargo Bank NA and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. 

Crottlestown Road – $145,000.00: Andrew C. and Karli M. Naugle to Frank A. Garcia.

Mercersburg Borough

Lot 23A, Findlay Park – $25,000.00: Findlay Park 2 LLC to Diron R. and Megan E. Swailes.

Metal Township

Lot 48, Acacia Trail – $420,000.00: Martha E. Buhrman to Marcus L. and Stacie I. Ocker. 

Peters Township

Lot 1, Buchanan Trail West – $0.00: Karen J. Crocker and Sheriff of Franklin County to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC.

Lot 36, Hager Road – $135,000.00: Derek W. and Maria C. Barnes to Jacob A. and Patricia N. Beierle. 

Lot 3, North Brooklyn Road – $242,000.00: Rodney C. and Cheryl A. Shields to Aaron J. Houser and Morgan A. Price.

Quincy Township

Slabtown Road – $175,000.00: Rebekah Walker to Christopher A. and Anne M. Sensenbaugh. 

Southampton Township

Lot 1, Phase 4, Clearfield Road – $199,900.00: B and F Homebuilders LLC to Rodney and Denise Bilger. 

Tracts 1-2, Muddy Run Road – $165,000.00: Rhea R. Foust to Thomas M. and Alice J. Mangum.

Washington Township

Lots 253-254 – $135,000.00: Matthew L. and Carrie D. Thompson to Dale and Ellen M. Frierson.

Lot 41, Ridge Crest Drive – $220,175.00: Springfield Contractors, Inc. and J. Hess Group LLC to Jessica Lake.

Lots 3-9, Section B, Country Club Road – $175,000.00: Michael and Lillian A. Giordano to Katlyn N. and Joshua P. Reese.

Lot 1, West King Street – $45,000.00: West End Development LLC to Bryan E. McCleary and Jenna L. Moore.

Lot 180, Weatherstone Drive – $340,000.00: Christopher N. Mounts and Erika Rios to Alan B. and Michele B. Fishman. 

Lot 11, Foxleigh Circle – $23,000.00: Green Ridge Farms, Inc. to Douglas R. and Dawn E. Monn.

Waynesboro Borough

Parcel C, Fairview Avenue – $190,000.00: Donna K. and Eugene D. Leatherman to NI Real Estate LLC.

Tracts 1-3, Eighth Street – $100,100.00: Alma J. Kirkpatrick Estate to Jeffrey L. Mace.

Tracts A1-A3, Valley View Drive – $122,900.00: Cynthia M. Gettins to Marcia Y. Schwuchow.

Lot 36, Park Street – $115,000.00: Raymond Herald Consultants LLC to Brennan Welty and Kaitlin E. Linebarier.