Development Plans for Aldi in Washington Township Recommended for Approval

The Washington Township Planning and Zoning Committee unanimously recommended the land development plans for a new Aldi grocery store at Wayne Heights Mall for approval at their meeting on March 13. The committee members, including Charlie Strausbaugh, DanDeDona, Barb McCracken, Stewart McCleaf, and Scott Stine voted in favor of the recommendation. Tim Scheg, an engineer for Aldi, spoke with the committee via a conference call.

The recommendation was made to the Washington Township Board of Supervisors with the condition that stormwater review and bonding, approval from the Washington Township Municipal Authority (WTMA) and Waynesboro Borough Authority, payment of traffic impact fees, and minor edits to the land development plan be completed.

The plan involves demolishing four stores, including the New Taste of China restaurant, and remodeling them to accommodate the 20,499 square foot grocery store. A bump-out is also planned that will nearly meet the front of Dollar Tree.

Chad Reichard, the assistant zoning officer and planner for Washington Township, said “This is an exciting development plan to bring a new grocery store to serve the people of Washington Township, Waynesboro, and the surrounding area. I’m pleased that Aldi selected the Wayne Heights Mall for this revitalization and expansion project and look forward to working with them through the process.”

The committee is also looking into whether transportation impact fees need to be assessed, which Washington Township Engineer Tim Cormany explained would help fund necessary traffic improvements. New additions to the store include a loading deck at the rear of the property and a cart holding area at the front of the store. The carts lock together, and customers pay 25 cents for a cart, which is returned when the cart is returned, ensuring no loose carts in the parking lot.