Discrimination takes many forms

This letter reflects one local resident’s view of recent accusations of discrimination against Chambersburg Borough Council member Allen Coffman.

To the editor:

I am a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania. I moved to Franklin County a year ago to be with my family. I grew up in D.C, attended a multiracial international school and attended three colleges to finish with my Ph.D. I told my wife this area reminds me of the D.C. suburbs when I was a kid.

Today I learned from an astonished local authority that he had been contacted by another recent transplant to this area: a plastic surgeon from NYC. Now I know New Yorkers often fancy themselves smarter than we country bumkins from DC, but when it comes to power politics and corruption, I think we have them beat.

Anyhow I heard how this New Yorker handled our local authority, misrepresenting his words as bigoted. Her tactics, much like ANTIFA, included defamation and crowd force, as if that ever trumps reason.

Our New Yorker chose misrepresentation and bullying, albeit with big New York words, to cloud the issues and paint this good man as a bigot. I don’t think that’s in the AMA code of ethics.

Freedom of conscience, freedom of intellect and freedom of speech are fundamental natural rights elucidated in our precious constitution. Some try to enhance their political power by denouncing we who speak our truths. That is their constitutional right. But attempting to thwart our freedom to disagree through coercion is criminal.

Legislating morality is a false political ploy every time.

All I can say lady, is watch who you hurt. It doesn’t help true victims in our roiling political culture, and it may ultimately harm your status. I’ll pray for you. –

Jim Davison,  Ph.D

Chambersburg, PA

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