Downtown Chambersburg Food Crawl Offers Latin Flavors for All

On Saturday, September 30, Downtown Chambersburg Inc. (DCI) will host their third annual Chinchorreo Latin/Hispanic Food Crawl from 1 p.m.–4:30 p.m. After initial check-in at the Courthouse Plaza, guests will receive an event passport containing a list of at least six participating Latin/Hispanic restaurants. Each stop listed in the passport will offer a Latin/Hispanic food experience.

The Chinchorreo Latin/Hispanic Food Crawl is a DCI celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which lasts from September 15 to October 15. Participating restaurants include Jordyn’s Caffé, The Oasis Café, BoriDelicias, L&L Creations, Veroni Café, and Taquiera La Esquinita. Food crawl guests are also welcome to purchase entrées at restaurant stops.

DCI anticipates another sell-out of their 400 event passports. Proceeds from the Chinchorreo Latin/Hispanic Food Crawl will support participating restaurants and contribute to DCI’s ongoing work in revitalizing the downtown Chambersburg area. The event’s main sponsors include local businesses Manitowoc Cranes and Patriot Federal Credit Union.

The event’s name comes from chinchorrear, a term referring to the Puerto Rican custom of visiting and sampling wares from multiple chinchorros, or food stalls, in a single trip. “We chose to call the event ‘Chinchorreo’ because it evokes a festive sense of community gathered around great food,” says Sam Thrush, president of DCI. “When you hear it, you know you’re in for a good time.”

Jordyn Velasquez, proprietor of returning restaurant participant Jordyn’s Caffé, looks forward to the Chinchorreo Latin/Hispanic Food Crawl each year. “It’s cool to see so many different nationalities represented through food and to watch the community enjoy each of them,” she says. Jordyn’s Caffé specializes in dishes from El Salvador. Other national cuisines represented include Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Tickets for the Chinchorreo Latin/Hispanic Food Crawl can be purchased now at For more information on the food crawl and other downtown Chambersburg happenings, visit

Downtown Chambersburg, Inc. is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the vibrancy of Chambersburg’s downtown district. Through innovative events, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, DCI fosters a sense of pride and unity while driving economic growth in the heart of Chambersburg


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