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That’s right folks, it’s another Easter Egg Hunt, with a twist. Don’t worry you won’t have to leave your chair to participate in this hunt.

Starting today every article we publish will have an easter egg in it, just like the one below. Find the egg and click on it to put it into your basket, go ahead and give it a try. When you collect all the eggs you will be taken to our Easter Drawing entry form.

If you miss one today don’t worry, they will all be there until April 21st, which just so happens to fall on Easter this year.

The Drawing ?

After you collect all the eggs and are presented with the entry form on Easter Sunday, your entry will be placed in our preverbal hat and three winners will be picked at random to receive a prize.

The egg hunt runs from April 14, 2019 to April 21, 2019.

All contestants must be over 18

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The egg hunt is unique to each viewing device so to collect all the eggs to enter the contest you must use one device. We use cookies to track which egg is collected and we can only assign one cookie to one device. Sorry for that.

The Prize ?

1st Place: If you are chosen you will receive two hand crafted shopping bag carriers, as shown below. To help put those carriers to work will will give the top winner a $50 Giant Gift Certificate. It’s not a really large gift certificate, it’s a gift card from Giant Food Stores. ?

2nd Place: We will also award a second winner with a $25 Sheetz gas card and two shopping bag handles.

3rd Place: The final winner will receive two of the wooden carry handles.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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  1. Confused. Clicked on 5 eggs and didn’t take me to an entry form. There is also a link to “sign in / join” and tried that and just says my name is “incorrect” and yet does not let me “join”. ????

    • Hi David, The contest runs until April 21, 2019 so no one will be given an entry form until April 21st when the contest ends and all the eggs have been found. As 10:37 am on April 15 we have issued 10 eggs total. We issue one egg with each story starting on April 14th and we will know how many total eggs there are on April 21st. When you collect all the eggs on April 21st you will be given the form. We do not have a set number of stories we do per day as the news is always fluid. I hope this helps, if not give feel free to contact either Vicky Taylor @ (717) 372-0079 or David Taylor @ (786) 760-6159 and we will be more than happy to try and help resolve any issues.

      The sing in / join link is not active right now. We do have plans to offer services that will use that system but it is still in development so that is why it is not active yet.

  2. This morning it said I had 8 eggs just now it said 4 eggs. How do I tell how many eggs I have currently? It seems as though it didn’t save what I found earlier this am. What or where do I need to do to make sure the eggs I find are going on my account.