Editorial: Questions to Ask When Voting for the Future of Franklin County


Submitted by Dana R Baker, resident of Letterkenny Township and retired public school educator.

Franklin County Voters:

The May primary will soon be here and in November we will elect a variety of municipal officials! This letter identifies some questions related to the positions/questions our candidates for county commissioner should be considering for the future of Franklin County citizens. Please ask the candidates their thoughts on these areas as you decide which candidates align with your interests and needs.  There are so many more questions but here are 4 that seem very important!

1. Franklin County has the oldest property tax  assessment in the state. This results in frequent tax appeals from property owners both residential and commercial. Question: Where do they stand on the property assessment system in the county? Do they support re-assessment of all properties in the county to create a fair and equitable system of taxation?

2. Volunteer fire, rescue and ems organizations struggle with recruitment and retention of active volunteers. Question:  What is your position on providing first responders a tax based incentive to retain active volunteer first responders?

3. We know that people on fixed income frequently struggle with property tax bills. Question: What ideas do you have regarding tax relief for seniors and others on fixed incomes?

4. Franklin County is a beautiful area of Pa and the nation. The rolling farmland and mountains are a tremendous asset! We also know that people need homes as well as there is a huge need for economic development. Question: How will the candidate maintain balance between these needs and the natural resources of the area?